Moringa Honey


Collected by bees from the nectar of Moringa (Drumstick) flowers, this dark, this yellow 100% natural honey is filled with intense aromatics. 

This honey also called “immunity honey” because of its multiple benefits is a new super food gaining popularity for its high nutritious values.


100% Pure

Packaging -250gm/ 325gm 

Available in customized Bottle


Moringa Honey has many health benefits such as:

It retains calcium in the body. Reduces allergy symptoms. Relieves from arthritis and rheumatism. Prevents cancer and health diseases.


Harnessing premium quality natural honey from the nectar of moringa flowers, our Moringa Honey is a powerful blend of all-natural ingredients with no added color. We deploy the super-food qualities of Moringa and Honey, making it the healthiest sweetener out there. The purity of the product makes it suitable for consumption for all age groups (yes, you tiny tots too). This powerhouse all-natural honey works in harmony around the clock to provide effective nutrition, support beautiful skin, and grant the taker renewed vitality.


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