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About Meiyon

Meiyon traders pride ourselves in organic food products to supply all year around through an operating model based on sustainability and responsibility for our environment.

Exporters of Food and Agricultural Products  – Direct from Farm



Meiyon is one of the leading producers and suppliers of high-quality organic moringa products based out of Tamil Nadu. We sell Moringa dry leaves, Moringa leaf powder, Moringa leaf powder capsules, Moringa Seeds, Moringa Kernel, and Moringa Teabags within India and export across the globe according to customer requirements.

Product Category

  • Edible Item
  • Bulk Enquiries
  • Cosmetics Product
  • Moringa Flavoured Tea


Meiyon Global produces and sells a range of organic Moringa products.

Edible Item

1) Moringa Leaf Powder – 100g ,250g & 500g
2) Moringa Leaf powder capsules (500mg) -60 pcs /bottle & 100 pcs/bottle
3) Moringa Leaf powder Tablets (500mg) -60 pcs /bottle & 100 pcs/bottle
4) Moringa Oil – 100ml bottle, 1 liter can
5) Moringa Honey
6) Moringa Soup Powder
7) Fresh Moringa Leaves
8) Fresh Drumstick
9) Moringa Flavoured Tea

           a) Moringa Tea

           b) Moringa Lemon Tea

           c) Moringa Ginger Tea

           d) Moringa Stevia Tea

           e) Moringa Amla Tea

            f) Moringa Peppermint Tea

           g) Moringa Lemon Ginger Tea

10) Green Tea
11) Tulsi Tea
12) Hibiscus Tea
13) Lemon Grass Tea
14) Cinnamon Tea

Bulk Enquiries

15) Moringa Dried leaves
16) Moringa Seeds (PKM1, PKM2, ODC3)
17) Moringa Kernel
18) Moringa Seed Powder
19) Moringa Dried leaves
20) Moringa Flower Powder
21) Moringa Gum
22) Moringa seed cake Powder

Cosmetics item

23) Moringa Soap
24) Moringa Body Scrubber
25) Moringa Facewash

We also sell and export Moringa Fresh leaves, Drumsticks, and Moringa papads.
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